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Fascia blasting

Fascia blasting comes to mind first for me because of the excruciating and debilitating whole body and muscular pain I experienced in my post-partum flare. I feel as though my memory serves me that since having children these hurts certainly expounded, however in college and in my twenties I beat my body with no mercy (active duty and shift work didn’t do me any favors).

I found fascia blasting through a superior massage therapist, and if you are in the Triangle area of NC you will want to visit her ASAP. She taught me more about my body in two sessions than any doctor had in years! She is a wise women and listens to other women, a side perk, the best massage of your life!

She told me about Ashley Black, the founder of her own company. She shares her amazing story here about how she solved her problem of pain with juvenile arthritis and beat the odds against all medical knowledge and is now helping so many people out of pain!

I was inspired by her story on multiple levels, but mostly wanted to be out of pain. Because of my massage therapist I had experienced these tools and they made a profound impact on my movement, pain, sleep, and inflammation. I bought them immediately! Regularly moving my body with these tools allowed me to sleep better and wake in the morning with a 200% improvement compared to any bedtime ritual, stretching, sleep aid, meditation work or relaxing hobby I adopted.(Those little things just didn’t move the needle to the degree I needed) It was like night and day!

I was religious with the fascia work! Learning the ins and outs of my movements and what things I was doing that were hurting me were made clear when I finally was able to move my body the way it was designed. Decreasing inflammation in my body is the lock and key for my particular life with chronic autoimmune disease and these tools were that remedy!

I used fascia blasting tools on my head and neck, hands and feet and even to release parts of my body like my jaw as well as tension lying in my eyebrows and forehead!

The use of these tools allowed me time at night before bed to think, to breathe and let my body release tension that had built up throughout the day. I played music, lit a candle and made it a routine to take care of myself because of the difference it made in my sleep and movement. This ultimately made me a better wife and mother and friend the next day because of how impactful it was to my body! Now I need it intermittently as I navigate sore or tight muscles or headaches that make me weary. The point of great tools is to have them always accessible but to move on past them when you are ready. My hope is that this is a an encouragement to you in whatever healing place you are!

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