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Gut issues? Food Intolerances?

Women are just beginning to talk about the importance of the food they eat ALL the time. Not just being healthy for a contest, date night or picture, but women are beginning to realize that the food they and their families eat all the time, can change them.

Women after women and mom after mom I talk to, mention their inclinations toward food intolerances due to their gut symptoms but never seemed convinced to jump into the test site. What I mean by test site, is to actually test their theory with real life application. Remove a food, note a trigger or a feeling (or lack there of) and see what happens, is the basic concept.

A couple of things happen when we get to know our body a bit better.

1- We become confident in the signals our body sends us

2- The positive effect of nourishing food spills over into other areas of our lives and our hearts and minds also become nourished with new and peaceful things

3- We accept the change--> This is a big one, because not too many of us like change, and we don't want to be reminded of our waistline, our gray hairs, our age or the fact that seasons of life are requiring or diminishing the needs it has for us.

If you have symptoms that are always coming back to your gut, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!

ALL of your hormones are made in your gut, your gut houses more beneficial bacteria than you could imagine and this keeps your immune system in check.

So many times people can't give up good tasting food because they have huge FOMO. But it's not true anymore! There are delicious cooks and cookbooks that allow you to eat a full nutritious diet without the deprivation.

Check out my list of cookbook authors that will give you an appetite and fill you up!

Healing Kitchen

by Alaena Haber

Genius Kitchen

Against all Grain

Eat what you love

The Food Doula Cookbook

Carnivore Code

ANY whole30 cookbook

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