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Healthcare and Haircuts

I recently chopped off 12 inches of my hair. It had been a long time coming. I had thought about it for a few months and began to think that I may always have long hair if I don't just find a nice cut I like, pick a hair place and know that it will just grow back. I love my new choice and it feels light and fresh! I did however make a few calls, check the reviews and show up with many pictures of what I wanted AND what I didn't want. I lucked out, I had a great stylist and received the exact cut I wanted. Service rendered, money exchanged, happy customer!

If you are a women who has ever cut or colored or styled your hair, you probably wanted to look good and in return looking good makes you feel good. So you called, asked your friends, even admired a strangers cut and asked them the age old question women want to know when they see someone looking fabulous, "where did you get your hair done?" If you did this, you followed that gals advice and booked an appointment. But sometimes, your friends or even a stranger will say, "never go (here) or (there), they were the worst." Maybe unprofessional, maybe destroyed their hair, possibly charged outrageous prices. You, my friend, are not going wherever it is that person suggested.

Why do we as women believe healthcare is so much different? I can not even bear to hear another women tell me that they hate their doctor but, "it's a convenient drive from the house," or "he/she has horrible bedside manners, but they are so smart." Or my favorite, "he/she told me to take this drug/medication and I felt awful but keep taking it." Or just a simple statement I hear all the time as well, "I just don't like them, but I haven't taken the time to find a new one."

LADIES! NO! This is not how we treat our own hair! If you ever paid even a minimum priced hair cut and didn't like the visit you would never go back! If you sat in a chair and they put treatments, color and shampoos on your head that dried and broke your hair and left you looking frizzy you would NEVER go back! If a hair stylist told you your "hair is a mess," "not the right color" or she/he said "the style and color you have chosen is not for you, I disagree with your choice"......YOU WOULD PICK YOURSELF UP OUT OF THAT CHAIR AND LEAVE.

You can be treated better, you can be heard, you can have an appointment you look forward to and a physician or medical professional that knows YOUR NAME even when not looking at their notes.

This kind of health care is here! It is in functional and alternative medicine, it can be found through coaches and online programs. There is a place and there are people where you can be mentored and educated on specific health issues you are going through. Women are out teaching, training and coming alongside other women.

There are women empowering women to know more about their bodies and unafraid to ask questions about what is going in or around them. Reach out, never settle for a bad hair cut. Ultimately, we are the customer!

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