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Hormones are like Legos

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

I recently was building legos with my son who has hundreds of thousands of pieces. These come from years of birthdays and Christmas' which as he aged, only increased in difficulty. He happens to be very good at them and has since created other things that were not part of the instruction box.

This is very perturbing to me as I see piles and piles of colors and shapes as I can't for the life of me think what to build-what to make purposeful. I am immediately frustrated at the inability to have instructions and become overwhelm by the task.

Yet a 7 year old sees cars, buildings, ships, planes, and all kinds of flying contraptions from Star Wars.

As I was sat there in my frustration, I recalled the last few years of my life. The pain and growth that has shed light on my hormones and my body. The body literacy I learned was much trial and error, trusting that what pieces I had, in the end, would make something recognizable. It took mistakes and broken pieces to "build" the end product. The moment I connection my brokenness to the fact that all of those pieces just came together a certain, I did not see brokenness anymore, but potential!

Do you see yourself or your body as broken? You just need to have someone shed some light on your pieces!

We can all learn a lesson from the little lego builders in this world. We need to see, imagine and connect more to those lego pieces instead of look at them as in the way and useless. They will make something beautiful, but you have to be willing to try!

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