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Updated: May 25, 2021

Such a simple statement, "just breathe." But often I look at people and women especially in this rushing phase of life with children or off to a job and they seem to never take a breath! They are living and moving, but never intentionally focusing on breathing. This is a good thing, breathing is designed to happen automatically! However, when we hone in to the power of the breath we may gain more than just letting our systems run themselves. When we begin to take captive our thoughts and our breath, together it unites our purpose. We begin to notice and pay attention to those shallow breaths, those rushed breaths, those moments of frustration when we are holding our breaths.

These are key to calming our nervous system and telling our body it is safe. We are evolutionary and genetically programmed to either fight or to flee.

Women, and especially mothers, have a bad habit of doing it all, being everything to everyone without thought or consequence. This is bad for our health friends, we need to breathe too, and not just any breath, deep, cleansing and purposeful breaths!

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