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THIS can change your life! (but you won't love it)

It has been a huge delay for me to even write this trying to find ways to explain and empower, you magnificent women reading this, that yes, breathing is the biggest game changer for your life! I write about it second because it came to me after I had tried all the things and then, even then, just DIDN'T GET IT!

When I found out I had prolapse, I had no idea that my stress, or my breath holding was creating more pressure and increasing my symptoms. (Prolapse is commonly diagnosed as weak pelvic floor muscles, but this is a misconception to a large majority of women. Often over-recruited pelvic floors cause a lot of the symptoms. Check out my girl Sarah Smith's article).

When I took hold of my breath, placed my tongue on my pallet and inhaled deep cleansing breaths, I released all kinds of tension and I slowed down. My pelvic floor responded and with that, everything else.

There are so many things that need to happen in order for us women to do this well. A small list for starters:

1)We have to believe that our bodies are safe if we "let go." Relax a little abdominal skin!

2) We have to take the time to stop. Stop cleaning, cooking, teaching, talking, serving others, long enough to actually breathe long and well. We need to make it a common practice.

3) We need to know a little bit about our body. This comes from listening and experimenting. Something this also means, trying and failing. Listening is noting your triggers, that is what binds up your body in stress? What makes your neck stiffen? Or your guts hurt?

If we can change our breaths, we can change our bodies, our minds and our health.

I truly believe that, with all that's in me!

It's simple, yet the second you try this and relax your belly and breathe for even a minute, you will want to stop. It will be uncomfortable, because for the entirety of your life you likely have been sucking in your belly to look and feel stronger and smaller. You probably never close your mouth long enough from shouting at kids, or jumping in the car from one activity to the next. You are likely stressed at work and rarely get a moment to walk away and put yourself in an adult time out and pull it together.

I've been and still live in most of these environments and it has taken practice and a change of habits to learn a tool that easily keeps me from stressing about the little things.

It gains me patience with my children and ultimately pulls me out of pain and into a place of calm.

I dare you to try it, it just might change your life!

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