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Supplements Yes or No?

Updated: May 25, 2021

Supplements, vitamins, pills, they are all of some benefit but how much? Should we all take supplements? Do we need them? Well, the answer is, it depends. Some supplements we take in our morning routine, such as caffeine. Supplements can be foods or habits, anything that supplements our life. There are many benefits to taking supplements, to include, those things not able to be attained from our diet, or those taken in different seasons, such as immune boosting supplements during a cold season. Our bodies ebb and flow through the year and also as we age and take on different roles in our life. If taking supplements has you on the edge, don't let it, choose what you belief adds benefit to your systems. Do some research, supplement as it supports your mind and body and what it needs to accomplish!

Supplements are sadly only part of the recipe to looking, feeling and being at our physical, mental and metabolic best. Yes, a recipe, taken in the correct doses, mixed together with your specific environment and lifestyle choices can and most likely will yield you the greatest health results you ever could imagine.

I love this cooking example, because if you know any chef or have ever stepped foot into a kitchen, you burnt something once, made a cake taste like sandpaper and failed to even get dinner on the table with a new recipe. This is the nature of the game we call life, trying and failing yet adding and taking away to create the most optimal, healthy, balanced life we can. Choose supplements wisely but also know they are not the main ingredient.

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