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I did the wildest thing!

I was introduced to the carnivore diet not more than a year or so ago and found it absolutely fascinating, also largely impossible. But, I listened, kept an open ear and tucked it away for later. I recently revisited this idea when my fellow hormone girl Christine Garvin did a podcast with Black Carnivore on how AND why AND who should eat carnivore. It's great, really, check it out here!

Additionaly, I absolutely love the work of Paul Saladino and found not a lot of women were talking about it until I took a deeper dive.

I initially dismissed carnivore because I felt like it dismissed me and women like me.

I felt like it was almost impossible to do with a family, incorporated foods I could not prepare(or afford, or find). I also felt that after my thyroid issues, food intolerances, gut issues, hormone issues and prolapse that I had to eat a certain "gut healing, hormone healthy," way forever.

This is wildly untrue, and what pushed me over the edge was learning about myself and my personality.

I finally admitted that I made excuses to not try it and made even more excuses to dismiss that it had something good for me. I made justifications for not eating all my sweet paleo snacks, my carb heavy (gluten free, of course) pizza, pasta and rice meals, all because of my comfort.

But as the holidays neared and another beautifully placed podcast entered my life, I also learned:

1- I do not like to be uncomfortable, yet coddle the part in me that is being deprived

2- I am an abstainer type of personality (check out this great article!)

3- Because I am an abstainer, I find it easy to follow a "diet" or lifestyle when there are little to no decisions about the planning of it (this is why meal plans work so well, we don't have to think about what we are eating next, we pre-determined our choices ahead of time)

4- "Diets don't work, food is not the problem, our behavior around it is the culprit."- Dr. Glenn Livingston

I'm sharing this with you all because I have been eating a primarily animal based diet (meat, organs, honey, cucumbers, dates, eggs, avocados, fish, rice and olive oil, to name a few) for a little over two weeks. I gave it a try with the sole objective to gain the most energy and to KEEP it stable throughout the ENTIRE day. This plan delivered! I cannot recommend it enough to someone searching for energy and wanting simplicity!

Is this your dream? Do you ache (literally or figuratively) to have constant energy and be present for those you love? Give it a try! Head to my home page or fill out the discovery form to see if you are ready to take the next, first step!

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