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Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I have titled this series Remedies for a few reasons, first, it sounds new and different and not a fix all, second because I am impacted deeply by the history of medicine, herbs, old wives tales, concoctions and potions. In my two recent books, wildly similar yet different, The Doctors Blackwell and The Lost Apothecary, I simply love that women were treating other women and sharing the knowledge that they knew at the time. This is why I write, why I am here, how I found my voice. I simply wish to share it with you. May it be a remedy.

In no particular order I found that the remedies I share with you, helped me heal my hormones, balance all my body systems and give me the most profound pause emotionally and spiritually thus far. Whole body balance is such a tricky thing, made apparent by the conventional medicine system because one size fits all is simply irreproducible. All of these remedies are tools for your toolkit and an alternative way to add value to your health, mind and body!

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